Strategic outsourcing services to optimize various businesses

Outsourcing Service

This outsourcing service provides various services related to ATM operations on a continuous basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at our ATM Operation Center (AOC) which covers all of Japan. In addition, it provides strategic outsourcing services, and thereby enhance the efficiency of various operations at financial institutions' branches.

Outsourcing Services for Financial Institutions

Government outsourcing services

Our experience providing ATM operations for major financial institutions enable us to offer various call center and shared BPO services that benefit both financial and government clients.

Outsourcing Services for Overseas

We provide innovative overseas services based on the know-how we have cultivated in technical and managerial areas through our ATM outsourcing service in Japan.
Targeting countries: China, and other ASEAN countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Indonesia etc.)

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