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Maintaining a firm client relationship and a culture of openness

Since our establishment, ATM Japan, Ltd. (ATMJ) has been motivated “to contribute to Japanese financial institutions and their banking customers through our services”. Throughout our history, we have been challenging social norms and common practices.
And over the years, we have successfully established an outsourcing model of ATM management and operations for mega-banks, Japan Post Bank, retail banks, regional banks, and Shinkin-banks (smaller regional banks).
We believe our success has been built upon our win-win relationship with our clients, as well as our corporate culture of openness where employees are free to share ideas and actualize them, regardless of age, gender, career or nationality.

Becoming a social-problem solving company

ATMJ group has been able to make great progress based on our strong client relationship with financial institutions.
Building on our shared outsourcing services for the financial services industry, we believe that this model would benefit other industries and companies.
By integrating and optimizing overlapped operations in the finance, government, and corporate sectors, we would contribute to the growth of the Japanese society.
ATMJ group would continue to move forward. Not only by serving our financial sector but also by challenging broader social problems.

Taking a step forward

ATMJ group has positively made differences to what has been considered unchangeable or norm.
We continue to contribute to the Japanese economy and to the people by challenging social problems and creating innovations.
ATMJ group would continuously strive towards building a better society.

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