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Antian Advanced Technology's Information Services, Ltd.

President greeting

Antian Advanced Technology's Information Services, Ltd. (“our company”) is established for the purpose of providing new services for the needs of Chinese financial institutions through our corporate values of : “providing assurance and wonders of livelihood infrastructure to local communities and people around the world with human resources, ICT and ideas”.

Recently, we have seen that China’s ICT trend has been evolving at a remarkable speed, which is also a trend in the financial services sector. The spread of mobile (smartphones etc.) and cashless payments brings attention to the purpose of ATMs in the future.

As a subsidiary of ATM Japan, we will bring our experience and know-how relating to ATM technology, and outsourcing solutions management. Moreover, our company will strive to provide solutions and services fitted for China and other ASEAN regional markets.


Hideyasu Matsubayashi


Company Name Antian Advanced Technology's Information Services, Ltd.
Head office location Room306, Building No.23, Dalian Software Park, No.40, Ruanjianyuandong Road, Dalian Liaoning Province,P.R., China
President Hideyasu Matsubayashi
Date Started Business December 1, 2011
Capital $2.5M (ATMJ 100%)
Number of Employees
(as of 2021/1)
Major Businesses System Development

With regard to inquiries or careers for Antian Advanced technology's information Services Ltd, please contact us at the below E-mail address.
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