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ATM Japan Human Solution, Ltd.

President greeting

● We grow as a best partner to create together to "make the best use of human resources".

In February 2005 we established AL Ltd, which provided human resource services for call center of Japanese financial institutions. Afterwards, in order to evolve the service of "recruitment", "education" and "temporary staffing", we renamed to ATM Japan Human Solution, Ltd. in April 2008.

During this time, due to changes in lifestyle and economic trends, the demand for human resources with a high level of expertise, flexibility, and hospitality had been increased.  To support these changes, legislative amendments have raised expectations for secure employment as well as career support for temporary employees.  

With our experience & expertise, ATM Japan Human Solution, Ltd. will continuously discover, develop new talent, comply with the law and value social responsibilities.
We will progress along side our customers and become your best business partner. 


Takayuki Niitsu



Company Name ATM Japan Human Solution, Ltd.
Head office location 1-30-5, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President Takayuki Niitsu
Date Stated Business April 21, 2008
Capital ¥65M (ATMJ 100%)
Number of Employees
(as of 2021/1)
Major Businesses ■Human Resources Solution
 ▼Education and Training Services
 ▼Temporary Staffing Services
■Outsourcing Services
 ▼Outsourcing Services for Administrative Agencies
■Research and Consulting Services
 ▼Mystery Customer Research Services
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