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ATM Japan Business Service, Ltd.

President greeting

We are a joint venture company, owned by ATM Japan, Ltd. and Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd.. Adding onto Japan Post Bank’s nationwide ATM network, and ATM Japan’s shared outsourcing knowhow & infrastructure, our company provides ATM related operations to Japan Post Bank and regional banks.

Since operation in 2013, we have steadily expanded our business. As of March 2018, we provide shared incident management(*1) and operational management outsourcing(*2) to 27,000 of Japan Post Bank and 25,000 of 45 financial institutions’ ATMs.
*1 Real time monitoring of ATM availability, customer support via intercoms
*2 ATM Incident and customer complaint resolution, cash replenishment & collection management

As a member of ATM Japan group as well as an affiliated company of Japan Post Bank, we proceed upon our shared value of ”supporting lifestyles of people from every region”.

To provide the most reliable social infrastructural services, we share our values with each and every employee (including our operators), as well as our partner security companies. 


Shigeru Takeda                          


Company Name ATM Japan Business Service, Ltd.
Head office location 1-30-5, Hamamatsu-cho, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 03-5405-8961(代)
FAX 03-3578-7022(代)
President Shigeru Takeda
Date Started Business April 1, 2013
Capital ¥100M (ATM Japan 65%, Japan Post Bank 35%)
Number of Employees
(as of 2021/1)
(Number of employees includes loaned employees and temporary staffs)
Major Businesses ■Outsourcing Services
 ▼Outsourcing Services for Financial Institutions
      ・ATM Monitoring Outsourcing
  ・ATM Operation Outsourcing
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