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ATM Japan,Ltd.


Company Name ATM Japan,Ltd.
Head office location 1-30-5, Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0013, Japan
President Hiroshi Nakano
Board members President Hiroshi Nakano
Executive Vice President and Director Jun Nomura
Executive Vice President and Director  Akihiko Sugawara
Director and Senior Officer
Tatsuya Saito
Director and Senior Officer Toshikatsu Ueda
Unaffiliated Director Takanori Kamibayashi
Unaffiliated Director Yoshinori Ando
Unaffiliated Director Akio Nakaya
Auditor  Youichi Takahashi
Auditor Taminori Yamazaki
Executive Officer and General Manager Hiroyuki Nakamura
Officer and General Manager Chihiro Sakamoto
Officer and General Manager, CRO  Toshihito Miyamoto
Established January 1, 1999
Capital ¥480 Million
Number of Employees
(as of January 2019)
(Number of employees include seconded personnel and temporary staffs)
(FY 2018)
¥32,2 Billion
Major Businesses Outsourcing Services
Research and Consulting Services
System Solution

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